Financial Planning

Starting a business from scratch is an exciting, but sometimes daunting prospect. At ZM Partners we are here to support you, not only through the start-up phase, but on an ongoing basis to ensure your business stays on track. Our team works with entrepreneurs to identify all elements of the new business, particularly assessing funding sources and associated costs that enable the creation of a financial framework for operating the business. We will assist you in planning and budgeting for unpredictable costs and revenue shortfalls, and other relevant scenarios, which are applicable to your business.

When you come to ZM Partners, our first step will be to assess the objectives of your business plan to determine financial viability. We will work closely with you to understand the details of a business opportunity and run financial scenarios to test capacity of the business for failure and develop strategies to minimise this risk.

The next step is then to build a solid foundation for the business, which is essential in achieving long-term success. Creating a strong financial plan that can assess the length of time required to make the business financially viable is a core ingredient in developing a strong business foundation. This will include goal setting, forecasting, budgeting and planning.

Depending on your needs, ZM Partners can also continue to provide financial advice after your business is established to monitor your financial situation and ensure your business remains on a profit generating path.